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Using Info-Zip

Get Info-Zip

Click here to download Info-Zip.


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Using Info-Zip

To add files to an archive with Info-Zip you have to enter the following command at the DOS prompt:

  zip <Destination File> <Source File>

Please call the destination file (Zip-File) R followed by your Request-Number. For example R123456. The extension .zip will be added automatically.
In the example below all files with extension .txt in the current directory will be added to the Zip-Archive


All files added to the archive will be displayed on the screen:


You will find a file named in the current directory.

If you want to add another file to an existing Zip-Archieve use the option -g (grow!). In the example below a file named info.txt is added to the archive

   zip -g R123456 info.txt

You have countless options you can use with Info-Zip. If you want to know more about it please refer to the Info-Zip MANUAL file.