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General Support Information

Software AG's Product Support Portal Empower is the starting point for all Product Support related information and questions.

You can find many different guides to ensure you are well-equipped with the tools you need when you need to use Global Support. Make the most of our platforms by searching our Knowledge Base for best practices, solutions and more. Or report product-related questions or issues via the Incident Management Portal.

If you're interested in additional services beyond your Standard Maintenance & Support Services agreement, learn about our Premium Care Services.

For an introduction to the Global Support organization and processes you can review the "Overview Global Support Organization” on-boarding presentation.


Global Support Services

Overview of Global Support Service Offerings

Enterprise Active

Premium Care


Escalation Management


Product Lifecycle & Maintenance

This section contains information about product lifecycle policies

Browse Lifecycle Policies


Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Browser Requirements, Empower Technical Information and more!

Help and FAQs


Diagnostic Information

To facilitate the transmission of diagnostic data and to reduce queries on how to send data to Software AG Support, please use the formats and services that best suit your needs.

How to submit Diagnostic Info