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  • How can I get access to Empower?
    • If your organization is a Software AG customer with an active maintenance agreement, or a Software AG partner, you can request an initial account from:
    • Subsequently, you can contact your organization's Support Authorizer to grant you access from the "My Company" section of eService. 
    • Only individual/personal company email addresses are permitted. Accounts for distribution lists and non-company email domains will be rejected or subject to deactivation.
    • If you need assistance, contact from your Empower email address.
  • How can I update my contact information and profile information?
    • Your organization's Support Authorizer can make the necessary changes on your behalf in the "My Company" section of eService.
    • Need assistance? Contact from your Empower email address.
  • What are the different access levels available in Empower?
    • Empower access levels include:
Access Level
Is there a Contact Limit?
No Empower Access
No - unlimited
No Empower access. Contacts can be demoted to this role to revoke their access to Empower but to continue to allow them to be added as Interested Parties for your organization's Incidents.
Basic Empower Access
No - unlimited
Basic Empower access to Empower and Knowledge Center articles for products for which your organization has an active maintenance agreement.
Named Support Contact
Yes - counts towards Authorized Technical Contact (ATC) limit*
Basic Empower access plus the ability to open Support Incidents for products for which your organization has an active maintenance agreement. Restricted to Named ATCs.
Support Authorizer
Yes - counts towards ATC limit*
Basic Empower and eService access, plus access to the "My Company" section of eService for contact administration. Support Authorizers can administer your organization's contacts and their level of support access on Empower. Restricted to Named ATCs.
* Customers with Enterprise Active Support are entitled to unlimited ATCs

  • When I try to access eService I receive the message "You are not authorized to view this section". Why can't I access this section?
    • You may not be entitled to view the page for one of the following reasons:
      • Your company may not have an active maintenance agreement with Software AG. Please contact your Sales Manager to verify your contract status. If your contract is valid, please contact us at
      • Your individual permissions may not allow you to access those areas. You may determine your access permissions from 'My Profile' under eService. If you are unable to access that information, contact us at
  • I am having problems viewing items in eService
    • If you are blocking pop-ups please allow pop-ups from in order to navigate effectively.
  • Clicking on the "Home" link in eService does not take me back to Empower home
    • Both Empower and its eService component have a "Home" page. Please click on the Empower logo or Software AG logo at the top right and left corners of the screen to return to Empower home.
  • I am getting an error or no response when I try to use Empower
    • Press your browser's "Reload" or "Refresh" button first, and try the function again. 
    • Clear your browser's cache, close your browser and restart it.
    • If you are unable to resolve your issue, please open a Support Incident with Software AG. Provide the error message, the URL where the error occurred, steps to reproduce, and screen shots.
  • Support Incident information I submit in Japanese becomes garbled
    • If you are running Internet Explorer 10 on a Japanese version of Windows and text you submit to us becomes garbled, we recommend upgrading to Internet Explorer 11 and following the instructions below, or using Firefox.
    • To configure Internet Explorer 11 to enable Japanese characters to be submitted:
      1. Open Internet Options and go to the Advanced Tab
      2. Under the International section, please be sure the "Send UTF-8 query strings for non-Intranet URLs" option in Internet Explorer 11 is checked / enabled (in Japanese , “イントラネット以外の URL の UTF-8 クエリ文字を送信する”). 
  • What browsers can I use for Empower?
    • Empower has been tested with the following browsers, operating systems and components. If you encounter a problem while using Empower from a browser not in our list, please switch to a tested browser - if you still encounter a problem, please report it to us. Please ensure pop-up blockers are disabled, especially for eService.




      Internet Explorer

      11 and above (Recommended)

      If you are using a Japanese version of windows, please follow these instructions to prevent your text submitted from becoming garbled.

      Internet Explorer


      IE versions prior to 11 are no longer supported. Also, we do not recommend Internet Explorer 10 for users running Japanese Windows, as Support Incident data submitted may become garbled.

      Internet Explorer

      6.0 SP2 - 9.0

      IE versions prior to 11 are no longer supported.


      3.5 and above

      We recommend using the latest version





      8 SP1


      7 SP1

      Windows Server

      2003 SP2 and above
      (Standard & Enterprise)

      Windows XP Pro

      SP3 and above

      Windows Vista


      Microsoft Terminal Server
      (based on supported OS)

      Citrix Metaframe Terminal Server


      7 and above

      We recommend using the latest version and update


      6 Update 17 and above

      We recommend using the latest version and update

  • What about the firewall my company is using?
    • JavaScript - Some firewalls are configured to filter all JavaScript code from HTML documents. If you have enabled JavaScript in your browser and still get error messages, contact your firewall administrator to configure the firewall software to allow JavaScript code for all HTML documents that are requested from Empower.
  • Zip
    • If you are going to compress a file on a Windows system, we require that you use the Zip-algorithm. If you compress an object any other way, it will be rejected. For efficiency, we recommend you compress large objects in order to transfer them via E-Mail or FTP. Remember to use the binary option if you transfer zipped objects via FTP.

      Examples of Zip-tools are WinZip, PKZip, Info-Zip, and Unzip.
General information about Knowledge Center Search is available in the Knowledge Center User's Guide.

  • Why don't I see all available products?
    • Knowledge Center and Request Management functions can only be executed for those products for which you have a current maintenance contract. If you have problems with displaying all of your products, contact your support center.
  • Why are the patch level numbers not consecutive?
    • Patch levels (PLs) are numbered consecutively. However, some patch levels are internal, and not made available to customers.
  • Why can some patch levels not be downloaded?
    • Some full version patch levels for ETS products are not available for download from Empower because of size. Use the order form to get the version from the Software AG Logistics Center.
  • Download issues may be related to your system, your connection to the Internet, or the interaction of your system with ours. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:
    • When I click the download link, my browser hangs. What should I do?
      • This issue occurs in some combinations of Internet Explorer and Windows. To resolve, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As".
    • I am having problems starting or completing a download. What should I do?
      • Your browser must be configured to accept cookies and have downloading enabled. For users who prefer to specify the domains from which they accept cookies, our download domain is
      • Using a download manager may help if you are having trouble connecting or completing a download. Some managers we have used successfully are:
      • Note that some smaller items in our system are stored in such a way that they won't work with a download manager.
      • Make sure you are using a supported browser.
      • If downloading through a firewall or proxy server, contact your system administrator to make sure downloads are allowed through the firewall and that your system is configured properly to allow downloads.
      • If using a dial-up modem and ISP, contact your ISP's technical support group and explain the problem. They may be able to help you resolve the issue.
      • Wait, then try again! Intermittent problems happen regularly on the Internet for a variety of reasons. You may have better luck if you close your browser completely, wait a while, restart your browser, then reattempt the download.
    • My browser hangs after getting a dialog "the requested page has both secure and unsecure items". What can I do?
      • Depending on how your browser is configured, launching the download by choosing products from your download list may cause a dialog to open notifying you that you are about to leave a secure site. If you click "Yes" to this and the subsequent dialog "the requested page has both secure and unsecure items" appears, the browser may hang. The workaround is to check the "don't show me this dialog box in the future" checkboxes on both dialogs. The download will still fail, but exit and restart the browser and the download should succeed.
    • The download status reaches 99% and then the browser appears to hang, what's wrong?
      • Many virus scanning programs automatically scan downloaded files. As many of the files downloadable from here are quite large, 20MB or more, this scan can take several minutes. Be patient, the scan will eventually complete.
    • How can I get a license key for my product?
  • Do I need to have Cookies enabled for Empower?
    • Yes, you must have cookies enabled on your internet browser in order to use Empower.
  • Where do I go to download the latest browsers and readers?
  • I need to send diagnostic information to Software AG for problem testing. How do I upload diagnostic information to the Software AG FTP servers?
    • For detailed information on how to send files to Software AG, login to Empower and see the Diagnostic Info page
  • What version of Java should I be using for Empower?
    • Java is required for some search and indexing features within the Documentation section. We recommend using the latest version of Java for these features, or searching documentation with the global Empower search widget which does not require Java.
  • How to check your Java version
    1. You can check your Java version by running Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.
    2. Under the Change or Remove Programs, Java is listed if you have it installed, including the version and update number.
    3. If the version of Java you are running is earlier than Java 6 Update 17, select it and click the Change/Remove button. When prompted to remove it, click "YES". The program will be uninstalled. Proceed to install Java 6 Update 17 or higher.
  • How to install the latest Java SR Runtime Environment
    1. Browse to this URL in IE:
    2. Click the Download JRE button.
    3. Complete the required information, complete the download and follow the installation instructions.
  • Should JavaScript be enabled?
    • Empower checks and modifies passwords using JavaScript. Users must configure their browser software to allow the execution of JavaScript. Otherwise, an error is displayed asking you to enable JavaScript in your browser.
  • Should AJAX be enabled?
    • Yes. AJAX is typically enabled by default.
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